Monday, May 26, 2008

Killing Time


a couple of excerpts:

"The way these cells and bodies were created originally, and the way they will go back to, the only time they would change or reproduce was when you put a charge in them, on a conscious level.

That is why your bodies used to live so long. Your body would stay identical—the cells would not even reproduce. The cells would breathe and take in the nutrients, and they would exhale—but they would be alive exactly the way they were. They didn't die; they didn't have a reproductive system. Then, when you would put an electrical charge through your body, that blossomed the cells, and you erupted into a whole new body.

When you quit putting the excitement of life into these bodies, the body had to rely on the fail-safe mechanism that lies in the mitochondria that agitates and irritates the genes, forcing them open. When you are not putting life into it, your body secretes an acid. The acid creates a burning effect which causes the body to change at every level, your DNA, your RNA, all the cells, everything.

Now what you want to do is get to a point of creating the sparking on your own. Once you get that sparking into the cellular structures, then that will pick up your mind structure, your spiritual genetics, and this is where the physical genetics and your spiritual genetics meet.

Your spiritual genetics can't merge with the body unless that electricity is coming from you, unless you can generate an excitement, joy, or passion for life. If you've got that, then your spiritual genetics are transforming the body into a body that your spiritual genetics can use and needs for this lifetime. If you don't generate that spark, then your body and your reality is created by default by the fail-safe mechanism out of your genetic structure, out of what you term your past, out of a time orientation—not from your moment."

"If you could make a nice big sign and put it everywhere you are going to look, on your fridge, on your dash, This is the only me there has ever been! Put a note to yourself anywhere you are going to catch it to remind you that you have never been anything else but you in this present moment. If you can do this, you can get that brain to trigger back in and get rid of that time orientation. You'll start picking up a new attitude and a new feeling, a strength. You'll become addicted to that strength real fast. In the beginning you're going to have to teach the brain to remember your new orientation, but after that you won't forget. Remember it takes the brain twenty-eight days to catch on to anything new.

As always, relax with this. You've embraced a grand new tool to aid you in becoming what you already are. This is going to stimulate lots of questions, and there is a whole lot more information yet to come on time, memory, and the present moment. A lot of that may be technical. Here you have the working end of it. It's not that time is a 'bad' thing; it isn't—it is a fascinating phenomenon that you've all gone a little overboard on. You may be starting to figure out that even your body is a product of time. You can call your body a gap, a smear, compressed data, an image or whatever you will, but without your belief in time you wouldn't have one. But you don't have to live so far behind the present moment. The majority of the planet smudges years and even centuries; a few seconds are all that are necessary to maintain a body, and that is plenty close to have everything you want from both the physical and non-physical realms."

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