Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Have The Power Within You, Right Now

You have the power within you, right where you are, to reverse the age of your embodiment back into youth and to live on and on and on.  How? Simply through your attitude. If you do not want the body to age and die, change your attitude.  Let your attitude say that the body will live forever, and so it will. Remove all things from your life that acknowledge the ending of it. and it will never end.  Never have the word "old" in your vocabulary understanding. Have "forever" in your understanding. Cease the celebration of your birthdays, for that only gives credence to the aging process. If it pleases you to acknowledge your birth, do so, but reverse the count of your years and become younger. When you do not expect your death, you will never know it.

Always live in the present.  Never acknowledge any future other than this now.  Your now will be eternity if you permit it to be so. Never contemplate how long you are going to live, for you will always live. Contemplate the foreverness of your body, and so it will become.  That is simply how it is.

Love yourself, master. Bless  your body.  Speak to your soul, which is the lord of your being, and command it to bring forth the enzymes of youth, and it will. Know that the body can live forever. And how does it live forever?  By telling it to!

Immortality is achieved only when one does away with the understanding of mortality. This travesty called death could be eliminated by the whole lot of humanity if they lived not in the future or the past but in the foreverness of this now, and if the attitude of living was greater than the prospects of dying. This shall be eliminated here in the years to come, for time will be no longer, and those understandings will have become a living reality to everyone upon your plane.  Then death will become a senseless no-thing.

--Ramtha via JZ Knight

Friday, July 25, 2014

Aging past full physical maturity is actually optional

An excerpt from a session with a wise spirit, Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 (Private/Phone Session)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Galen (Naoko)


GALEN: Um… regarding age and aging, some people claim or believe that under laboratory conditions the cells of a human adult body degrade after they divide enough times. That, like they say the cell quality deteriorates and eventually the body loses its youth and regenerative properties and dies because the cell quality degrades after multiple divisions and essentially turns into mush after a while. Is that true? 

ELIAS: No. I would express that this is what individuals are observing in an unnatural state and in that, it is not actually an observation in its natural state. Therefore the state of being is altered in itself, and I would express no, that is not correct. 

GALEN: So I'm guessing when the cells are actually connected to a human body and part of a living human organism that the... If the subjective awareness and your objective beliefs were not instructing your cells to deteriorate and you weren't instructing your body to get older and age and deteriorate that it wouldn't? 

ELIAS: Correct. It would to an extent in a natural progression of growth which is a part of the design of the development of your species and of all species. That there is a growth process and in that in your physical reality to an extent, yes there would be an aspect of growth, but in relation to the discontinuation of regeneration, no. 

GALEN: So if I genuinely do not believe that I would age at all, would my body be capable of remaining functioning and appearing youthful even at say two hundred or two hundred and fifty years of age? Or would that require the additional belief that my cells would regenerate perfectly? 

ELIAS: It is not a matter of a belief that your cells will regenerate perfectly, but a recognition that that is a natural action. The regeneration is a natural action. And in response to your question, yes - that if that were your GENUINE perception, yes, even at an age of two hundred you would present yourself in a youthful manner. 

GALEN: And I have one last question. How old can the human body get, chronologically if it's new every seven years, before it starts to intrinsically deteriorate outside of the influence of any of the individual's beliefs concerning aging? Or does it do that at all? 

ELIAS: I would express that the body consciousness could actually continue indefinitely. 

GALEN: Wow! 

ELIAS: That there is no actual age limit or in your terms expiration date. Ha, ha, ha. 

GALEN: So there's no inherent built in mechanism in the body that makes it intrinsically age or deteriorate after a certain point [after the natural growth process reaches full physical maturity, which finishes at about 29-30 years of age]? 


GALEN: Huh. That is quite interesting. Thank you so much. 

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And I shall be anticipating our next meeting my dear friend. And I will express my thanks to you also for another engaging conversation. 

GALEN: You too. 

ELIAS: Ha, ha, ha. As always I express my energy to you in great encouragement and supportiveness and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. 

GALEN: Alright. 

ELIAS: In affection and in great lovingness to you as always, au revoir. 

GALEN: See you.

© 2014 Mary Ennis. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Seven-Year Cycle

Q: Since I was a little girl I believed that since we renew ourselves every seven years, there is absolutely no reason to age. Would you agree with that?

A: Yes.

Q: Then how come we are aging and how do we stop?

A: Belief is a powerful thing. But the truth, and again we speak of vibrations,in truth, the vibration of the human body does, because of the heaviness,eventually come to an end. The higher the frequency of the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of the individual human, the higher the vibration of the complete individual, the undivided one. Thus the longer their life and the healthier their life. Why ? Because the physical vibration then is raised as well. In a sense, and look around you, look around at the humans now and look at the humans in the past. There were some that were very long lived. They were very concerned with the spiritual things. They were very focused on "what is spirituality?" Not what is right, not what is wrong, but staying in harmony with the earth, the cycles and seasons and the planet and understanding that they did not rule, they were caretakers. They understood their place; they accepted it and still sought to be spiritual beings, not animal. You are aging because right now it is natural. What is viewed as natural has started to change. In many cases an individual member of the family human can look at their parents or grandparents and see that they are aging slower than their predecessors. The generations now look and act in a more youthful way than any generations in the last 7,000 years. The human, the family human, are starting to really comprehend that it is not necessary to age, disease and then die. There are experiments in place now that may get you to a point where you do live on. Then belief can change. From our perspective we understand death in a different way. Death is growth. You get to a certain point in your vibration, you have grown past that and the body can not go any farther. The vibration is just that much higher. We do not advocate anybody seeking that before their time. You are correct about the seven year period, but that is deeper than you know. There is a deeper change that goes on every seven years. Imagine that the human, the individual human, is one wave in a ripple and that every seven years the ripple is somehow strengthened and new. It is difficult for you to understand this, because what you are thinking is that the wave is an effect, the cause of something dropped in the water and the wave moves out from that. How could the wave then, be renewed? In spirit, the renewal energies are always there. In the cycles of the seasons, the renewal energies are there. It is human, it is the family human, that have limited the renewal energies, by believing that there is a death that is an end, by the acceptance of a lower vibration. When you begin to understand death as a continuation, merely a moment in your path, and in the movement of the energy that had happened to coalesce into the form you are in now; you will start to understand the renewing of the wave and now other ripples, other waves, begin to cross your path. Some are ahead of you and some are behind you and some come from the left and some come from the right and in spirit we would understand that they come from the top and the bottom and sometimes from inside of us. They are not ours, they are not our energy but sometimes there is something inside of us and we wonder "what was that?" To renew yourself, understand that you do not stop at your skin and understand that you also do not stop at your DNA. The energy that is the individual human is a much grander energy. The energy that comes from inside is inspiration and is from the Source. In spirit, we experience the cycle as well. The expression of the seven years is very interesting, because there is an echo. As above, so below. The ancients knew this. It is one of the things that will be discussed and learned within the next one hundred years. There is much to come out of Egypt. The cycles of sevens, it is a universal law. Change your belief, your believing that there will be an end. Very ingrained this is. Clear? Jeff Michaels PO Box 453, Huntington Beach CA 92648 www.quintessence1. com, sixalex6@aol. com

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sponsoring Thought

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations With God series,
defines a Sponsoring Thought as "a deep-seated initial idea that we already have
what we are not now experiencing." With this, he says, "then we can experience it much
more rapidly."

But sponsoring thoughts are based on either love or fear. If fear-based, then the thought is that we DON'T have whatever it is that we desire, don't deserve it etc., and that effectively blocks it from manifesting.

I feel it is crucial for us to identify our "sponsoring thoughts" about what we want to be, do and have, whether it relates to our rejuvenation goals or anything else. Writing them out would make them even more powerful.

If we identify sponsoring thoughts that are in opposition to what we want, we can consciously choose a new thought, more aligned with that desire. Neale Donald Walsch points out that this is the meaning
of the "New Thought Movement" that came about in the mid to late 19th century.

Example of a fear-based Sponsoring Thought: "Everyone ages. I just have to surrender to the inevitable and expect to go downhill with the passing of the years."

New Thought: "Time is an illusion and has no power over me. I choose to be ageless!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Power of Positive Narcissism

From time to time, a cyber-friend, noting my focus on "youthing", has accused me of being vain, and that my actions along those lines are driven by the desire for compliments and admiration.  He
implied that this was at the expense of my spirituality.

This is a vast oversimplification. Although of course it's nice to be noticed and appreciated for one's appearance, I am driven more by the desire to be the best I can be on all levels, and to express that to
the world, regardless of what anyone else thinks of me. In short, it's more about self-appreciation and self-love rather than looking for this outside of myself.

All of this takes awareness and discipline! it's about the farthest thing from a "quick fix." It's an ongoing journey of learning and growing. This is, of course, part and parcel of spiritual development.

I want to look good, yes. I want to feel good. I want to do good, to be a positive force in the world, and I can best do that by first cultivating my own garden, taking the best possible care of me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Killing Time


a couple of excerpts:

"The way these cells and bodies were created originally, and the way they will go back to, the only time they would change or reproduce was when you put a charge in them, on a conscious level.

That is why your bodies used to live so long. Your body would stay identical—the cells would not even reproduce. The cells would breathe and take in the nutrients, and they would exhale—but they would be alive exactly the way they were. They didn't die; they didn't have a reproductive system. Then, when you would put an electrical charge through your body, that blossomed the cells, and you erupted into a whole new body.

When you quit putting the excitement of life into these bodies, the body had to rely on the fail-safe mechanism that lies in the mitochondria that agitates and irritates the genes, forcing them open. When you are not putting life into it, your body secretes an acid. The acid creates a burning effect which causes the body to change at every level, your DNA, your RNA, all the cells, everything.

Now what you want to do is get to a point of creating the sparking on your own. Once you get that sparking into the cellular structures, then that will pick up your mind structure, your spiritual genetics, and this is where the physical genetics and your spiritual genetics meet.

Your spiritual genetics can't merge with the body unless that electricity is coming from you, unless you can generate an excitement, joy, or passion for life. If you've got that, then your spiritual genetics are transforming the body into a body that your spiritual genetics can use and needs for this lifetime. If you don't generate that spark, then your body and your reality is created by default by the fail-safe mechanism out of your genetic structure, out of what you term your past, out of a time orientation—not from your moment."

"If you could make a nice big sign and put it everywhere you are going to look, on your fridge, on your dash, This is the only me there has ever been! Put a note to yourself anywhere you are going to catch it to remind you that you have never been anything else but you in this present moment. If you can do this, you can get that brain to trigger back in and get rid of that time orientation. You'll start picking up a new attitude and a new feeling, a strength. You'll become addicted to that strength real fast. In the beginning you're going to have to teach the brain to remember your new orientation, but after that you won't forget. Remember it takes the brain twenty-eight days to catch on to anything new.

As always, relax with this. You've embraced a grand new tool to aid you in becoming what you already are. This is going to stimulate lots of questions, and there is a whole lot more information yet to come on time, memory, and the present moment. A lot of that may be technical. Here you have the working end of it. It's not that time is a 'bad' thing; it isn't—it is a fascinating phenomenon that you've all gone a little overboard on. You may be starting to figure out that even your body is a product of time. You can call your body a gap, a smear, compressed data, an image or whatever you will, but without your belief in time you wouldn't have one. But you don't have to live so far behind the present moment. The majority of the planet smudges years and even centuries; a few seconds are all that are necessary to maintain a body, and that is plenty close to have everything you want from both the physical and non-physical realms."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You Create Your Own Youthing

Seth channeled through Jane Roberts:

"Thoughts and images are formed into physical reality and become
physical fact. They are propelled chemically. A thought is energy. It
begins to produce itself physically at the moment of its conception.

Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. Chemicals as you
know them, body chemicals, are physical, but they are the propellants
of this thought energy, containing within them all the codified data
necessary for translating any thought or image into physical
actuality. They cause the physical body to reproduce the inner image.
They are sparks, so to speak, initiating the transformation.

Chemicals are released through the body through the skin and pore
systems, in an invisible but definite pseudo-physical formation. The
intensity of a thought or image largely determines the immediacy of
its physical materialization. There is no object about you that you
have not created.

There is nothing about your physical image that you have not made.

The initial thought or image exists within the mental enclosure of
which I have spoken. It is not yet made physical. It appears within
the physical system, but apart from it.
Then it is sparked into physical materialization. This is the general
procedure. All thoughts or images are not completely materialized,

The intensity may be too weak. There is a struggle of sorts among
ideas for expression. The chemical reaction sparks certain electrical
charges, some within the layers of the skin. There are radiations
then through the skin to the exterior worlds containing highly
codified information and instructions.

The physical environment can be seen in many ways as direct
extensions from the physical self.

Physical formations of other images, you see, radiating outward;
these subject to continual change, as is the physical image, and all
of this reflecting the inner and basic action.

The physical environment is as much a part of you, then, basically
you see, as the physical image. Your control over it is quite
effective, for you create it as you create your fingertip. You are
not consciously aware, consciously underlined, of your control over
the physical object that may be touched by that fingertip.

The physical objects are made or constructed of the same pseudo-
material that radiates outward from the physical image, only the
higher intensity mass is different. When it builds up enough, you
recognize it as an object. At low intensity mass it is not apparent
to you.

Every nerve and fiber within the physical image has an inner purpose
that is not seen, and that serves to connect the inner self with
physical reality-in other words, that allows the inner self to create
physical reality.

The physical image is a part of objective reality. This should not be
overlooked, when speaking of the self. In one respect the physical
image and physical objects go flying out in all directions from the
inner core of the whole self.

There is always impetus, action, and motion; that is, of intensities
and not of space.

A thought is indeed faster than a locomotive.

Or a rocket."

-excerpt from Session 302, November 21, 1966