Friday, July 25, 2014

Aging past full physical maturity is actually optional

An excerpt from a session with a wise spirit, Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 (Private/Phone Session)

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Galen (Naoko)


GALEN: Um… regarding age and aging, some people claim or believe that under laboratory conditions the cells of a human adult body degrade after they divide enough times. That, like they say the cell quality deteriorates and eventually the body loses its youth and regenerative properties and dies because the cell quality degrades after multiple divisions and essentially turns into mush after a while. Is that true? 

ELIAS: No. I would express that this is what individuals are observing in an unnatural state and in that, it is not actually an observation in its natural state. Therefore the state of being is altered in itself, and I would express no, that is not correct. 

GALEN: So I'm guessing when the cells are actually connected to a human body and part of a living human organism that the... If the subjective awareness and your objective beliefs were not instructing your cells to deteriorate and you weren't instructing your body to get older and age and deteriorate that it wouldn't? 

ELIAS: Correct. It would to an extent in a natural progression of growth which is a part of the design of the development of your species and of all species. That there is a growth process and in that in your physical reality to an extent, yes there would be an aspect of growth, but in relation to the discontinuation of regeneration, no. 

GALEN: So if I genuinely do not believe that I would age at all, would my body be capable of remaining functioning and appearing youthful even at say two hundred or two hundred and fifty years of age? Or would that require the additional belief that my cells would regenerate perfectly? 

ELIAS: It is not a matter of a belief that your cells will regenerate perfectly, but a recognition that that is a natural action. The regeneration is a natural action. And in response to your question, yes - that if that were your GENUINE perception, yes, even at an age of two hundred you would present yourself in a youthful manner. 

GALEN: And I have one last question. How old can the human body get, chronologically if it's new every seven years, before it starts to intrinsically deteriorate outside of the influence of any of the individual's beliefs concerning aging? Or does it do that at all? 

ELIAS: I would express that the body consciousness could actually continue indefinitely. 

GALEN: Wow! 

ELIAS: That there is no actual age limit or in your terms expiration date. Ha, ha, ha. 

GALEN: So there's no inherent built in mechanism in the body that makes it intrinsically age or deteriorate after a certain point [after the natural growth process reaches full physical maturity, which finishes at about 29-30 years of age]? 


GALEN: Huh. That is quite interesting. Thank you so much. 

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And I shall be anticipating our next meeting my dear friend. And I will express my thanks to you also for another engaging conversation. 

GALEN: You too. 

ELIAS: Ha, ha, ha. As always I express my energy to you in great encouragement and supportiveness and I shall be anticipating our next meeting. 

GALEN: Alright. 

ELIAS: In affection and in great lovingness to you as always, au revoir. 

GALEN: See you.

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