Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Seven-Year Cycle

Q: Since I was a little girl I believed that since we renew ourselves every seven years, there is absolutely no reason to age. Would you agree with that?

A: Yes.

Q: Then how come we are aging and how do we stop?

A: Belief is a powerful thing. But the truth, and again we speak of vibrations,in truth, the vibration of the human body does, because of the heaviness,eventually come to an end. The higher the frequency of the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of the individual human, the higher the vibration of the complete individual, the undivided one. Thus the longer their life and the healthier their life. Why ? Because the physical vibration then is raised as well. In a sense, and look around you, look around at the humans now and look at the humans in the past. There were some that were very long lived. They were very concerned with the spiritual things. They were very focused on "what is spirituality?" Not what is right, not what is wrong, but staying in harmony with the earth, the cycles and seasons and the planet and understanding that they did not rule, they were caretakers. They understood their place; they accepted it and still sought to be spiritual beings, not animal. You are aging because right now it is natural. What is viewed as natural has started to change. In many cases an individual member of the family human can look at their parents or grandparents and see that they are aging slower than their predecessors. The generations now look and act in a more youthful way than any generations in the last 7,000 years. The human, the family human, are starting to really comprehend that it is not necessary to age, disease and then die. There are experiments in place now that may get you to a point where you do live on. Then belief can change. From our perspective we understand death in a different way. Death is growth. You get to a certain point in your vibration, you have grown past that and the body can not go any farther. The vibration is just that much higher. We do not advocate anybody seeking that before their time. You are correct about the seven year period, but that is deeper than you know. There is a deeper change that goes on every seven years. Imagine that the human, the individual human, is one wave in a ripple and that every seven years the ripple is somehow strengthened and new. It is difficult for you to understand this, because what you are thinking is that the wave is an effect, the cause of something dropped in the water and the wave moves out from that. How could the wave then, be renewed? In spirit, the renewal energies are always there. In the cycles of the seasons, the renewal energies are there. It is human, it is the family human, that have limited the renewal energies, by believing that there is a death that is an end, by the acceptance of a lower vibration. When you begin to understand death as a continuation, merely a moment in your path, and in the movement of the energy that had happened to coalesce into the form you are in now; you will start to understand the renewing of the wave and now other ripples, other waves, begin to cross your path. Some are ahead of you and some are behind you and some come from the left and some come from the right and in spirit we would understand that they come from the top and the bottom and sometimes from inside of us. They are not ours, they are not our energy but sometimes there is something inside of us and we wonder "what was that?" To renew yourself, understand that you do not stop at your skin and understand that you also do not stop at your DNA. The energy that is the individual human is a much grander energy. The energy that comes from inside is inspiration and is from the Source. In spirit, we experience the cycle as well. The expression of the seven years is very interesting, because there is an echo. As above, so below. The ancients knew this. It is one of the things that will be discussed and learned within the next one hundred years. There is much to come out of Egypt. The cycles of sevens, it is a universal law. Change your belief, your believing that there will be an end. Very ingrained this is. Clear? Jeff Michaels PO Box 453, Huntington Beach CA 92648 www.quintessence1. com, sixalex6@aol. com

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