Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Have The Power Within You, Right Now

You have the power within you, right where you are, to reverse the age of your embodiment back into youth and to live on and on and on.  How? Simply through your attitude. If you do not want the body to age and die, change your attitude.  Let your attitude say that the body will live forever, and so it will. Remove all things from your life that acknowledge the ending of it. and it will never end.  Never have the word "old" in your vocabulary understanding. Have "forever" in your understanding. Cease the celebration of your birthdays, for that only gives credence to the aging process. If it pleases you to acknowledge your birth, do so, but reverse the count of your years and become younger. When you do not expect your death, you will never know it.

Always live in the present.  Never acknowledge any future other than this now.  Your now will be eternity if you permit it to be so. Never contemplate how long you are going to live, for you will always live. Contemplate the foreverness of your body, and so it will become.  That is simply how it is.

Love yourself, master. Bless  your body.  Speak to your soul, which is the lord of your being, and command it to bring forth the enzymes of youth, and it will. Know that the body can live forever. And how does it live forever?  By telling it to!

Immortality is achieved only when one does away with the understanding of mortality. This travesty called death could be eliminated by the whole lot of humanity if they lived not in the future or the past but in the foreverness of this now, and if the attitude of living was greater than the prospects of dying. This shall be eliminated here in the years to come, for time will be no longer, and those understandings will have become a living reality to everyone upon your plane.  Then death will become a senseless no-thing.

--Ramtha via JZ Knight


Claudia said...

Hi Jen,
truly compassionate blog you have.

I personally just realign and youthify myself by feeling deeply into my core-essence, my I Am. I feel how it is timeless, ageless and pure, true beauty.

When feeling so deeply into it all of my energies recognize it to be the only truth. They align and recognize that anything else is just a lie and doesn't apply to them.

The words of Ramtha seem to express the same - a bit more elaborate. Truly interesting... especially as I have a close love for him... which I expanded in Norma Delaney's Ohama School which helped me fundamentally to cut through the old mindsets.

Thank you for sharing so much wisdom here, Jen! <3


Jen said...

Thanks for your comment Claudia. Yes, timelessness, agelessness and pure, true beauty is the only truth! <3